Checking Lot Grades Just Got Faster and Easier

View cut/fill balance, spot elevations,
and more in just a few clicks

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Lot Viewer

Gain even more insight into the status of your lots, collaborate, and make fast, informed decisions.

Lot Lines

Design Grade

Cut/Fill Balance


Spot Elevations

Smarter Site Work

A visual site work management platform for the entire project team.

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Verify Final Lot Grading

Effortlessly compare finished lots during land acquisition or prior to pad certification. Instantly identify lots that deviate from the Design Grade tolerance.

Track Cut/Fill Balance

Quickly identify lots which are out of balance. These color-coded heat maps provide a clear visual, enabling users to quickly identify areas of concern and prioritize actions.

Faster, Easier Collaboration

Use measurement tools, draw, and comment. Download Excel reports, create interactive Exhibits, or Share Screen in TraceAir to collaborate with grading contractors to minimize rework and maximize efficiency.

We use Lot Viewer on every project. It has been a game-changing tool for helping us quickly assess our lots and track progress.
Ritchie Tan, P.E.
Land Acquisitioner, D.R. Horton, Louisiana East Division

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