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Land Development

Simple, powerful software to accelerate
project schedules, accurately measure
progress, and reduce costs.

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Time-saving technology
for the whole team

Everyone benefits with TraceAir

Minimize waste
using site balance tools
to track cut/fill
Save time and manage projects remotely using 3D topographical scans
Get ahead of schedule
and reduce errors in the field with precise sequence planning
Make fast decisions
using overlays of project documentation and user-added data
Communicate and collaborate instantly using mobile-friendly
web platform
Track progress
on multiple projects with
a portfolio dashboard

How It Works

Drones Capture
3D Topo Surveys

TraceAir surveys your site with a drone, creating a 3D map of your project. Surveys are fast, affordable, and accurate within 1/10th of a foot.

We Overlay Design

TraceAir overlays your project documentation overnight so you can easily compare as-built to as-designed the very next day.

View Your Project
from Anywhere

Track site balance, check elevations, measure stockpiles, and more. TraceAir works on your phone, tablet or laptop from any location.

How It Works

TraceAir captures valuable 3D project data and empowers your entire team with easy-to-use software

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