Webinar Series

Best Practices in Site Development
Hosted by TraceAir

Learn from industry leaders

TraceAir will host regular webinars as part of our series to discuss the best practices in land and site development. Each webinar will feature guest speakers from across the construction, homebuilding, and land development industries.

Future topics

Billing transparency
Catching errors in the field
SWPPP material planning & purchasing
Site balance
Accessible technology
Sequencing challenges
Dispute resolution
Contaminated soils
Logistics planning

Recorded Webinars

Achieving Site Balance: Setting Projects Up for Success

TraceAir's COO Ivan Lvov, CPO Maria Khokhlova, and ENGEO's Joe Tootle shared the best practices for measuring and achieving site balance on construction projects.

Communication Across Multiple Stakeholders at Pier 70

Learn how industry leaders, including David Greenstein, Josh Bardet, and Mike Tzortzis are leveraging technology to communicate during site development and construction on the Pier 70 project.

COVID-19 Response and Recovery Webinar

TraceAir COO Ivan Lvov, Brookfield Residential's VP of Land Development, and Independent Construction's VP of Operations discuss using technology to keep projects moving during shelter-in-place restrictions.

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