Site Development Intelligence
for Homebuilders & Land Developers

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Easy to Use, Mobile, and Collaborative

Manage site development
progress remotely

Save hours of time on the road and manage productivity from any location.

Achieve site balance
and avoid dirt bust

Solve balance issues
proactively before money is wasted.

Accelerate site work
with maximum efficiency

Eliminate errors in the field and reduce risk with precise sequencing and planning.

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A turnkey solution
from the drone to your desktop

Drones Capture
3D Topo Scans

TraceAir scans your site with a drone, creating a 3D map of your project. Scans are fast, affordable, and accurate within 1/10th of a foot.

We Overlay Design

TraceAir overlays your project documents overnight so you can easily compare as-built to as-designed as soon as the next day after the scan.

View Your Project
from Anywhere

Track site balance, check elevations, measure stockpiles, and more. TraceAir works on your phone, tablet or laptop from any location.

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Case Study

See how a homebuilder team achieved Site Balance: 2M yd³ moved, Minimal Change Orders, and Finished Ahead of Schedule
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