5 Tools to Help You Work Smarter

TraceAir's platform makes it easy to take measurements of your project in seconds without setting foot in the field.
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At TraceAir, our goal is to help our users work smarter, especially during the site development phase of their projects. Checking grading progress used to be a cumbersome task that required making a site visit, conducting a survey, and checking progress against drawings. But now, with the help of our tools and user-friendly platform, construction teams can take a smart approach to project management using drones.

Once drones capture a 3D survey of a project, our team works overnight to process the data, including overlaying design documents. Your scan is ready to view the next morning in TraceAir! We offer many valuable tools, and these are the five most commonly used features reported by our users.

1. Distance & Slope

​Distance is the straight distance between the points you have selected. Overground distance takes the terrain into account, so the overground distance is always longer than the straight distance. Average grade is the slope between the first and the last point on the line you have selected.

2. Area & Perimeter

​The Area & Perimeter tool allows you to perform takeoff of one or many areas on your site. It is also useful to turn on Overlays in order to assist in the tracing of a lot, street, or other area. You can add a depth variable to calculate volume.

3. Overlays

​Overlays are extremely useful in providing context for your jobsite. You can upload almost any 2D design document such as phasing plans, lot layout, street layout, and utility plans. Organize your Overlays using our folder structure for ease of navigation. Overlays make it easy to measure the site as-built against as-designed.

4. Measure Stockpiles

​Stockpiles create ad-hoc planes from the existing grade in order to measure the volume of a pile (or pit) above existing surface. This tool is especially useful for staying on top of site balance issues or tracking contaminated soil.

5. Cross-Section

​The Cross-Section tool allows you to see a profile view of the current grade (from drone scan) in order to compare to design grade and any other captured grade. The cross-section tool is especially loved by our geotechnical engineers.

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