Verifying As Builts with TraceAir

See how TraceAir can help save time, money, and frustration when it comes to verifying as-built lot conditions.
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Time is of the essence in any construction project, so when you get the call from the contractors that the lots are complete, it’s great news! You think you’re ready to move on to the next phase of the project! Not so fast though... First, the lots need to be surveyed to verify the lots are on grade.

The Problem with Traditional Surveying

Unfortunately, traditional methods can make this a lengthy and stressful task. Typically, the project manager calls the surveyor to schedule a site visit to verify that the lots are on grade, but it may be two to three weeks before they can get it on their schedule. When they are finally able to make it out to conduct the survey, it is not uncommon to find that several of the lots are off grade. Not only do you have to pay the surveyor for this inspection, but you now also must call the contractor to share the bad news. This is always an unpleasant conversation going back and forth with the contractor who claims they’ve already completed the job. Eventually the contractor faces the facts of the survey results and agrees to come back and reevaluate the grades. At this point, the contractor has most likely moved on to another project, taking their machinery with them. Returning back to your project can take weeks and come with major costs, change orders, and damaged relationships.

Time wasted, money wasted, hurt relationships... there has to be a better way! 

3D Surveys to the Rescue

Using TraceAir, this whole situation could have been avoided. Using the elevation and coordinates tool, the contractor or project manager could have quickly and easily checked the (as-builts) lot grades, found any discrepancies, and fixed them. With TraceAir, everyone from land development managers to Project managers to contractors and other stakeholders, and everyone in between can access the same data. When everyone is looking at the same data, there is little to no room for discrepancies. TraceAir was specifically designed to be extremely easy to use, no need to be tech savvy. 

Check out the video showing how easy it is to verify as-builts with just a few simple clicks:

It It cuts out our long-handed processes, and it's fast, quick, and easy.”

Curtis McDowell, Project Superintendent

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