The Power of Drones and 3D Mapping on Mixed-Use Construction Projects

Many stakeholders and a densely-packed space means construction teams need accurate site analytics and high-definition visuals of their projects to improve logistics coordination and communication.
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Mixed-use construction projects have unique challenges, such as densely located sites, logistics challenges, and multiple stakeholders. Drones and 3D mapping software are effective tools for tackling these challenges, as well as helping with other workflows, such as progress tracking, contractor billings, and SWPPP management. Using drones and 3D mapping software saves construction teams hours each week and empowers them to make faster, better decisions.

Dense, Complicated Project Sites

While not always large in acreage, many mixed-use projects are located in urban areas. The dense nature of these project sites bring multiple challenges, such as adjacent construction projects and traffic and logistics concerns, both on and off site. The site conditions and surrounding areas are constantly changing, requiring frequent updates to logistics plans and traffic patterns.

Rather than use outdated satellite photos or marked up drawings, weekly drone flights are crucial to helping construction teams conduct logistics planning with up-to-date data.  Drones also provide aerial views of the project site, allowing construction teams to identify areas that might be difficult for ground vehicles or pedestrians.

Using drones and mixed-use mapping software means providing higher quality and more timely updates on weekly logistics plans and traffic concerns. This empowers construction teams to make better decisions regarding materials deliveries, parking locations, security protocols, offsite storage.

Stakeholder Communication & Management

Mixed-use construction projects often have multiple stakeholders, including developers, contractors, authorities having jurisdiction, and end users and tenants. The project owner, construction manager, and/or the general contractor are responsible for communicating with these parties about topics that may include  construction progress, traffic and parking updates, safety concerns, and tenant issues.

Having current, high-quality drone images that can be projected onto a screen is an effective tool for conducting stakeholder meetings. Construction teams are then able to highlight project site progress, zoom into different areas with high-definition resolution, or show potential problems onsite before they become dangerous or costly. For example, on Brookfield Properties' Pier 70 development, the construction team is using TraceAir's drone flyovers and software to improve stakeholder communication to coordinate with the City of San Francisco and local agencies, as well as with neighboring construction sites. Senior Project Manager from Brookfield Properties, David Greenstein states, "It's an important tool for making decisions quickly and getting everyone on board. We get there a lot faster, and it saves us a lot of time solving problems.

Faster Workflows for Everyday Challenges

In addition to helping solve the challenges associated with mixed-use construction, drones and 3D site analytics are crucial tools for providing accurate data and saving time during everyday workflows. Examples include:

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