How Our Customer Saved $54,000 on a Single Change Order

TraceAir provides easily accessible data that enables teams to verify change orders without additional consultants.
Using TraceAir to take a cross section of a stockpile allowed our customer to avoid an expensive change order.
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Keeping Teams Accountable

A project manager for a major developer recently shared how TraceAir helped him resolve a dispute on a master-planned community project during the sitework phase. This project entailed creating a 200,000+ cubic yard stockpile during grading operations. After a rainstorm caused silt to overflow the fence surrounding this massive stockpile, his contractor submitted a change order request for $54,000 to rework the stockpile perimeter.

There were two options:
1) pay the change order or;
2) conduct an investigation to prove that the change order wasn't valid.

It was in the project's budget's best interest to investigate and reject the change order, but this could come at an additional cost ($5,000 – $10,000) of engineers and consultants to come out and measure the stockpile. It could also result in weeks of back and forth dispute resolution, only to have the investigation be inconclusive. They would be on the hook for the change order AND the additional consultant fees.

Luckily, they use TraceAir's powerful site intelligence software and weekly 3D topographical surveys to track their projects. Using TraceAir's cross section tool, the project manager was able to go back and examine the stockpile grade prior to the rain to see that the slope did not meet contract requirements and was constructed incorrectly. He was able to use the cross section tool and solve the problem in a few minutes, eliminating $5,000 – $10,000 of consultant fees on top of the $54,000 change order.

Because of TraceAir, our user was able to avoid paying $54,000 on a single change order without the need of costly consultants or a lengthy dispute with his contractor.

Reduce Change Orders and Resolve Disputes Faster

Issues like the story above are commonplace on projects, and they're a major source of conflict and wasted resources. TraceAir's solution is an easy-to-use site work intelligence platform that is accessible to the entire project team. We're helping our clients to resolve disputes faster and empower their teams with the data they need to manage their projects more efficiently and effectively. Reach out to our team to learn how TraceAir can benefit your projects.

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