Using Transparent Data to Reduce Jobsite Disputes

Accessible, transparent data benefits all parties by quickly resolving or eliminating disputes.
TraceAir helps project teams resolve disputes quickly or eliminate them entirely.
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Disputes benefit no one

All projects have disputes, and they can be extremely challenging to solve. From minor disputes between contractors to major legal battles, resolving these issues can waste hours of time (and thousands of dollars in legal fees). Even more, they can result in schedule delays (and even more cost!).

It's in the best interest of all parties to avoid disputes as much as possible and settle them quickly when they occur. One of the biggest challenges with settling disputes is the time and effort it takes for each party to conduct the research they need to ultimately prove their point. If the project doesn't capture objective project data consistently, it can be very difficult to make a strong case. If more research is needed, it is costly to hire engineers or consultants to survey, measure, or conduct other research. Even when some data is captured, it tends to only be accessible by engineers or a small percentage of the project team.

All of these factors can dissuade both owners AND contractors from taking the time and effort necessary to fight their case, even when there are financial implications such as approving/rejecting a change order request. The lack of transparency has negative consequences for both contractors AND owners.

Here's what you can do

The first step construction teams can take to avoid or settle conflicts is to have clear and consistent project data. Tools like on-site cameras are helpful, but don't provide information about dirt movement or project progress. Using more robust data, such as regularly captured 3D topographical surveys, provides a visual record combined with volumetric project information to more accurately calculate project progress. The next step is to empower the entire project team with this data, so they can get the information they need without asking their engineers or hiring consultants. This allows owners and contractors to quickly find answers to common dispute items such as:

  • When materials arrived on site
  • Quantities of dirt moved
  • Material dumping
  • When equipment arrived
  • Stormwater and environmental mitigation
  • Contaminated materials quantities and locations
  • Human errors in work performed

Transparency is the solution

Capturing and sharing project data at frequent intervals is key to creating transparency and reducing disputes on jobsites. TraceAir's solution is an easy-to-use site work intelligence platform that is accessible to the entire project team. We're helping our clients to resolve disputes faster, or prevent them entirely. Reach out to our team to learn how TraceAir can benefit your projects.

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