How to Reduce Human Errors using Site Work Analytics

​​Preventing engineering mistakes and catching field errors early can minimize cost impacts.
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Frequent, reliable data capture helps spot problems

No project ever goes perfectly. Project drawings and documents aren't always aligned, and human errors can result in expensive rework and delays. Errors like over excavation, placement of utilities or objects on site, and simple miscalculations can happen before being noticed and can be very expensive to correct.

A simple way to prevent or catch these types of errors early is to capture frequent 3D topographical surveys using drones and overlay project documentation. This provides a quick way to ensure the as-built matches what was designed. For grading accuracy, 3D topographical drone scans make it easy to check elevations to ensure compliance. 

Small errors add up quickly

On a design-build community college project where Balfour Beatty was the GC, the team ran into some issues with the potential to be very expensive. This project had some discrepancies in the project documents, specifically the location of a manhole that was designed in the over excavation area. Using overlays in the TraceAir platform, the project manager quickly identified this issue and developed a solution with his team before it became an expensive problem. He estimates that identifying this issue early saved the project $20,000.

Additionally on this project, the project manager was quickly able to see when the grading contractor erroneously excavated beyond the limit. By catching this error early, he estimated he was able to save the project $10,000 in rework costs.

A simple, turnkey solution

Regular drone scans used with software that incorporates project documentation like TraceAir is essential for tracking project progress against design specifications. Our 3D topographical surveys are accurate within 1/10th of a foot, identifying and preventing errors in the field before they become costly. 

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