How It Works: TraceAir's Turnkey Site Work Intelligence Solution

TraceAir captures valuable 3D project data and empowers your entire team with easy-to-use software.
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Time-Saving Technology for the Whole Team

Making data and technology accessible to the entire project team is at the core of our business. TraceAir's software helps teams make informed and timely decisions and effectively bridges the gap between the field and the office.

It all works like this:

  • A drone (yours or ours) scans your construction site to create high-res 3D imagery overnight.
  • Our platform compares the drone topo with design documentation.
  • The entire project team, including the least tech-savvy specialists, uses TraceAir's platform to gain insights for solving their unique challenges.

TraceAir works from the internet browser on your computer, or tablet, or mobile device, allowing teams to access the project from any location.

The Data You Need to Solve Challenges Quickly

13 of the top 25 homebuilders in the US trust TraceAir to help them solve critical business issues, such as:

Reach out to our team to learn how TraceAir can benefit your projects.

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