Faster, High-Quality Mapping with WingtraOne GEN II

TraceAir finds faster, higher quality results using WingtraOne GEN II.
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About the Project

Providing approximately 8,000 much-needed housing units, the Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands Development project sits on two adjoined islands in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. The islands are connected to the city by the Bay Bridge. This project creates an entirely new neighborhood of San Francisco on a former military base (Treasure Island) once used by the US Navy.

Testing the WingtraOne Gen II

Leading engineering services company, Engeo, is providing weekly surveys on the project using TraceAir's photogrammetry processing and software. We recently visited the Treasure Island project, armed with a WingtraOne GEN II, to compare Wingtra's recommended drone upgrade with our usual quadcopter solution. The GEN II promised more efficiency and better data.

The results? The GEN II delivered more efficiency and higher-quality data. “With our other drone, it takes our pilots about four flights and a couple of hours with battery changes,” said Dmitry Korolev, CEO at TraceAir. “But with the GEN II we covered the same area of Treasure Island in just one flight. This highlights the advantage of VTOL as the blend of fixed-wing and multirotor strengths plus how easy it is for the user.”

View the results!

The WingtraOne Gen II flies over Treasure Island.

Why It's Awesome

Korolev says that his team processes data from every kind of drone for a range of projects, but he’s eager to get more clients using WingtraOne, because it’s much easier to execute high-level, next day output that the company is known for. Simply put, the data is reliable, and processes with less likelihood of artifacts or gaps.

The fast, high-quality data provided by the WingtraOne Gen II allows us to deliver outstanding results for our customers.”

-Dmitry Korolev, CEO, TraceAir

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