Frontend Developer

Photo: TraceAir

TraceAir is a 7-year-old startup (est. 2015) that is going to revolutionize the whole construction industry. We develop software that guides the earthworks phase of construction daily, considering recently captured 3D models of a site. In the long term, we dream of fully automated construction. Our clients are land developers, home builders, and industrial construction companies in the US and Russia.

Now we are scaling our business and expanding our development team to meet ever-increasing business demands and looking for a frontend JavaScript/TypeScript developer with experience in building rich React SPA and RESTful APIs, who is excited to solve complicated business requests, implement and develop solutions that make construction people happy, and who is keen to learn new things. Experience or interest in backend development would be an advantage.

The team of about 80 people is distributed across many time zones from San Francisco to Moscow, where the development center is located. We are working in small cross-functional SCRUM teams, practicing DevOps, embracing automated testing and CI/CD.

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Our stack

Front: TypeScript, React, Leaflet, Flux, Redux, Webpack

Back: JavaScript/TypeScript (node.js, SailsJS), Python, Java

Testing: Mocha, Jest, Playwright, Selenium

CI/CD: Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, Nginx, Kubernetes

Storage: AWS S3, MongoDB, DynamoDB

Clouds: AWS (EC2, Lambdas, CloudWatch, Athena, etc.), Microsoft Azure, VK Cloud, Yandex Cloud, Selectel 

Tools: Git, Asana, Grafana/InfluxDB, Google Workspace


  • Solid JS/TS experience, 3+ years
  • React class-based components, Flux
  • Confident git user, git-flow
  • Linux confident user
  • Automated software testing
  • Basic algorithms and data structures understanding

Nice to have

  • Cross-functionality — in case you are interested in other programming languages or technologies, we can share simple tasks and teach
  • DevOps mindset — we are the ones who both develop and run our software platform
  • Web GIS (Leaflet)
  • Ansible, Nginx, Docker
  • Modern technologies and approaches awareness
  • Basic cloud infrastructure understanding
  • CI/CD practicing experience
  • Design Patterns
  • Good algorithms and data structures understanding