DevOps Engineer

Photo: TraceAir

TraceAir is a 7 years old startup (since 2015) that is going to revolutionize the whole construction industry. We develop the software that guides earthworks phase of construction daily, considering recently captured 3D model of a site. In the long-term, we dream of fully automatic construction.

We are scaling our business, and expanding our development team to meet ever-increasing business demands. We are looking for experienced DevOps engineer with solid skills in continuous deployment and infrastructure monitoring. We write Python and Javascript-based code, which handles HTTP and AMQP requests, stores data in MongoDB and calls AWS services to deliver production value. We ship our code as Docker images, which then deployed to AWS, VK Cloud, Yandex Cloud, and Azure Cloud servers. We use Jenkins and Ansible playbooks to automate our deployment procedures. We monitor our stack with InfluxDB and Grafana, with alerts powered by PagerDuty. We pay attention to security and secret management. We strive for technical excellence, and our continuous delivery tooling is an ever-ending source of challenges and inspiration for that. 

We value leaders who can’t live with things done wrong, encourage teammates for changes, and drive these changes. You will be working in the small team of 4–6 people; we expect you to help us to gain velocity needed to embody our vision of deployment, monitoring and security architecture for our platform. Our company of ~100 people is distributed across many time zones (Moscow, Erevan, Cyprus, Novosibirsk, San Francisco) with the development center in Moscow. Our clients are Industrial Construction companies and Developers in the US and Russia.

We work in SСRUM sprints with daily standups and a two week release cycle.

Some posts about TraceAir:

Our stack

  • Git
  • Python3, aiohttp, boto3. JS/TS, Node.js, Sails.js. Java, Vert.x.
  • Docker, Kubernetes. Nginx.
  • Ansible, Jenkins. Terraform.
  • BitWarden, Ansible Vault. OpenVAS, AWS Guard Duty, AWS Inspector.
  • RabbitMQ. MongoDB, Atlas. AWS S3. AWS Athena. Apache Flume, PrestoDB, Hive, Hadoop.
  • Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grafana. AWS CloudWatch.
  • AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure, VK Cloud Solution, Yandex Cloud. AWS Lambdas.
  • Airtable. Salesforce, Pardot. Zapier.
  • Asana. SCRUM sprints with daily standups and 2 week release cycles.
  • About our office in Moscow.


  • 4+ years of practical experience in commercial projects: system administration, CI/CD practicing experience, production monitoring. 
  • Practival experience with at least one of the popular clouds: AWS, Azure, Yandex Cloud.
  • Nginx configuration. Docker.
  • Ansible playbooks and roles development experience.
  • Advanced Bash language knowledge. Basic Python or any other high-level programming language knowledge. 
  • Confident in Source Control, Git — preferable.
  • English-adminglish — read documentation, post on public professional forums, write in corp task tracker. If you can read this you presumably are fine!
  • Remote. Regular paid business trips to the Moscow office for one sprint to team up.
  • Cross-functionality: in case you are interested in backend or frontend, we will happily teach you and supply with simple tasks.

Nice to have

  • RabbitMQ, MongoDB administration experience.
  • Most of the rest of keywords from 'Our stack' section
  • Kubernetes
  • Deep cloud infrastructure understanding — not only how to use clouds, but how they built and how they operated.
  • Development background — commercial projects done in high-level programming language.
  • Good algorithms and data structures understanding.